Clutch with zipper
Clutch with zipper
Clutch with zipper
Clutch with zipper

Clutch with zipper

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Black can be whatever you want it to be, except boring. This clutch comes in an all-black Italian genuine sheepskin leather that has been processed to achieve a smooth finish. Not constrained by lining or piping, this clutch offers you the freedom of space, allowing its contents to define its shape. Welted edges add to the form and the zipper with its long leather handle gives the bold clutch a playful effect.


●  Measures 7” high, 10” wide, and 1” deep

●  1” leather handles on each side for easy opening and closing

●  Weight 0,2 lb 

Production: The Clutch is hand-made by professional leathercraft artisans in the USA.


How to care for leather goods:
-Regularly clean (wipe-down) with a slightly damp cloth to remove dirt or dust.
-Keep leather away from direct sunlight/heat!

-Apply Conditioner/Cream as needed but always test first on a small area.
-Go with natural/neutral care product colors; To avoid unnecessarily changing the hue of your leather, stick with neutrals.
-Leather needs to breathe! Just like skin, leather needs some ventilation to prevent mildew and rot, so don’t ever store or transport it in a closed plastic bag!
-Wire/Suede/Nubuck Brush. In the case of don’t use any of the products for leather! Use only products specifically marked for SUEDE or NUBUCK! Use a suede/nubuck-specific brush to wipe away dirt and grime. Avoid water with suede and nubuck!